Radio Quarantine -Группа Хмурый – Картина 4, No. 18​/​11 (2019)

So, Группа Хмурый, or Gruppa Chmuriy… there is no direct alphabetical translation, not definition either. Depending on who is asked, it is either the Frowning Group, or Heroin Group… The sound? More post-Soviet, post-punk. You get what you get when you click a link to my page. The vibe is still ringing my bell. I told you already. I click this shit so you don’t have to. Not so say this is shit. It’s really quite good if you like the sound. These guys are keeping Moscow dark.

I should have pushed off to the shore yesterday but couldn’t bring myself to make the move. I had plans to get some things done but so far it’s been sweating and sleeping, both literally and figuratively on the sweat and sleep. Both need to be fixed. Going into the last day of a long weekend though it’s going to be a rush.


No sense putting it off.

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