Radio Quarantine -ДК Посторонних – ДК Посторонних (2017)

North to St. Petersburg, Russia this morning for DK Postoronnih, a trio that at points sounds very much like The Damned. Not much to say really that hasn’t been said in previous posts. It’s a vibe. It’s a mood. Still very much at odds with the tropical heat and smells of summer here with no place to go. It’s a sound.

It’s not a question anymore of being hung up on the sound. It’s obvious I am. Does it need to be updated and blogged every day? Probably not. It’s almost laziness at this point. It’s saying something for the sake of saying it. The only thought going through my head is how much the man in the illustration looks like English comedian Jimmy Carr.

Probably more than one person that’s thought of dropping a brick on Jimmy’s head.

It could be the heat. It could still be the amends and closure from months ago and as of yet unattended and unaddressed. These things have a habit of coming to a head, however small, not unlike an ingrown hair on the throat. It’s a hard call. It’s certain something is creeping on me and it’s not going to go away on its own. Its long past time to do some adult things, each minor on its own but in sum, not so minor.

It’s time to plan some exits too, or at least to begin the running start. The idea of being in the same place at this time next year is unthinkable. It’s time to move.

Time to move. I’m caught in that strange place of too squirrelly to stick around and too anxious to confront the change. And this could very well be the very core of what’s been bothering me. Not the menial chores stacked up. Not the question of loose ends to tie up, but something new altogether. It’s a very big consideration, that I’m hiding the main thing behind a stack of small things.


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