Radio Quarantine -Sōtaisei Riron (相対性理論) – Tensei Jingle

Still farting about in Japan, on the Japanese pop tip with Sōtaisei Riron. Maybe the gloom of the ex-Soviet nations was wearing on me, but this sounds pretty fresh. It’s entirely possible that it’s just so foreign and novel that it’s replacing a real vacation, but whatever you want to call it, it’s making me feel good. It’s not something anyone would have found playing in my room ten years ago, but things change when you’re less invested in familiar things for your comfort.


  • 0:00 Genesis SOS 天地創造SOS
  • 4:14 Kerberos ケルベロス
  • 8:12 Ultra Soda ウルトラソーダ
  • 12:13 I Am Me? わたしがわたし
  • 15:56 13th Girlfriend 13番目の彼女
  • 19:52 Bentensama Is Spiritual 弁天様はスピリチュア
  • 24:11 Gacy 夏至
  • 27:56 Berlin Angel ベルリン天使
  • 30:39 An Around とあるAround
  • 34:29 Goodnight Earth おやすみ地球
  • 37:49 Flashback

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