Radio Quarantine -🥡 Street Food [Jazz Hop / Lofi / Asian Beats]

2020 Youtube Mix by Jazz Hop Cafe

Yup yup yup yesterday was a perfect summer day, a wander through Chinatown and Soho, and back through Brooklyn. Udon from a takeout on Mott Street, not exactly Chinese food but it’s what I went for. Fish mongers and produce stands all turning a decent masked business, this was the community that got hit the hardest early on and took a lot of the blame without complaining but if anyone is going to survive, it will be the survivors… the people who are used to toughing it out no matter what. They deserve the business. The weather was almost tropical and the rain came in heavy in the early evening. It didn’t cool things off but didn’t rain out the parties in the park that were going full swing well into the night. Hello summer. Hello Brooklyn. I see you.

01 00:10 bace – the bus (waiting for you) 02 03:22 石凛 Rin Ishi – 春/Spring 03 06:14 – You. Forever 04 08:42 NOGYMX – Kuro (Ft. Tenno) 05 11:34 Coffy – Lazy 06 13:50 Mama Aiuto – Alone Together 07 15:16 Taiyo Ky – Lemon Sour in Shinjuku 08 17:48 ØDYSSEE & Sitting Duck – Don’t Wake Me Up 09 20:22 NOGYMX – Echoes 10 22:54 Rythmatical – Melting 11 25:40 Technicyan & Sblmnl – Cloud Cave 12 28:40 Alsogood – Away from You (Ft. Saito, Emanuele Triglia & Alessandro Pollio) 13 30:48 Tenno – Torii Road 14 32:52 Seinna & Scientific – Equivalent Exchange [Instrumental] 15 36:34 U’nique Music – Just Vibe 16 39:34 KVMTZ – Who Cares

I’m feeling this mix this morning. I’m feeling this vibe. It’s not about being in a great mood, ecstatic or anything. It’s just feeling at ease. That’s all it is. No place to be so I can choose where to go or choose to stay right where I am. Either direction works. They all lead to the same place. Just different scenery is all, and it’s all good.

Nothing to meditate on this morning, and I couldn’t get to the space. There were no distractions but maybe the heat and sweat dulled my synapses. It’s not a big deal. Not at all. There is nothing to sweep away today. There is nothing to figure out. Maybe I’ll get to some of the household things and maybe I won’t. It doesn’t matter. They’re not pressing.

Enjoy the music.

Let go.


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