Radio Quarantine -Ploho – Пыль (Pyl)


PLOHO, from Novosibirsk, Russia, always comes up as a recommendation in online discussions of post-Soviet post-punk or coldwave… or anyone who posts collections of Russian Doomer music is flayed in the comments if Ploho is omitted. This one (and I believe the title translates as “Dust”) is their tenth studio album and I figured that while I’m on this extended binge, why not give them their own space.

I can’t even say why this band appeals to me the way they do. I mean, the music is right up my alley but the vocals… Having no comprehension of the language, I guess the vocals come off like a second bass line. Not that they need it. Like a lot of coldwave and darkwave, they are already bass-heavy. They are cold. They are dark. It’s almost dangerous.

It works for me.

I’m going to leave it at this for now. Maybe more later but I’m bored with sitting on my ass this morning.

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