Radio Quarantine -揺らぎ – Yuragi

Still on the Japanese shoegaze thing this morning. There’s something in the wall of distorted guitar sound, kind of an updated Phil Spector effect but with pedals and boards instead of just over-saturated tape and mixing. 揺らぎ – YURAGI is just killing it on these, though the vibes on each are quite a bit different. Nightlife is a bit more straight forward with the shoegaze vibe and Still Dreaming Still Deafening is bigger and bolder, almost a sonic assault. The account that posted both on Youtube describes the latter of the two releases as moving into “post-rock” and I can definitely hear that but still… shoegaze. The thing that gets to me with the whole genre is that it is really super heavy but comes off as… light. All in the mix, I suppose. How can you grind those guitars the way they do and still come off as kind of light and dreamy? I’m sure a musician could explain it further but what I’ve got is the music itself, courtesy of ASIAN SHOEGAZE.

I haven’t looked out the window in a bit. The predicted snow may or may not have started. It doesn’t matter to me either way. I’m going to go out in a bit and get some air. If I have to sit around here all day, despite any number of wonderful distractions, I’m going to feel hateful. There’s plenty of productive work I could dive into but I’ve got something to work out of my system. Just nervous energy I suppose. It will pass when I allow it to.

There may or may not be more to say later. Nobody told me that the Apocalypse would be so utterly pedestrian and tedious. You can smile at that. I am, on this inside.

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