Radio Quarantine -FILMMAKER x DJ これからの緊急災害 – DATA BOMBING

Released November 2020

I’m not going to find a satisfactory explanation for the difference between EBM (ELECTRONIC BODY MUSIC?) and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) so it may be time to throw away terminology altogether. Just enjoy the music (or not) and maybe you know more, or can find out more. I’m lazy. I do know fucking outstanding music though and Data Bombing, this collaboration by FILMMAKER and WACHITA CHINA is deadly. Call it whatever you need to, but give it a shot.

I’ve heard a few Filmmaker releases and he doesn’t seem stuck on any particular sound. Like some guys you can’t tell one album from the next, or I can’t. He catches a vibe and runs with it, records it, and puts it out into the world. This is my favorite so far. He has another that came out in the last few days so that’s next on the playlist.

I’ve been thinking for a long time about upgrading my music system to accommodate more digital downloads. The laptop speakers and earphones don’t do anything I’ve listened to any justice. This EP in particular is screaming for a proper vehicle. That’s next in the cash flow I think. I’ll put aside tattoo money for a Bumpboxx or something.

Insert somewhat frightened grimace here. I’m sorry. I need bass.

I need it.

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