Radio Quarantine -Sierpien ‎- Реновация (Renovation 2018)

Cold wave for a cold wave maybe, but SIERPIEN is from St. Petersburg, Russia so what’s going on outside my window is probably negligible in the world where this music was conceived, but.. Well, hell, it’s negligible here too. It’s not a pretty snowfall really. The sky is a sort of jaundiced tinge below the gray. The snow is sullen and heavy and wet. The backdrop in the view from my bedroom window (where it’s actually warm and cozy) is a dour yellowish the color of a piss-stained sheet. That’s the walls of the trench for the Prospect Expressway, where it turns into Ocean Parkway. Dim prospects with that color. It’s not lovely It flattens to pale white at night, but otherwise…

In any event, Sierpien seems perfect for today. It’s not a bad day at all. It just doesn’t have that snow-day celebratory feel to it. You know the one I’m talking about. School hasn’t closed for me in decades but a lot of snowy days still have that vibe.

I’m going to leave it with this for now. Music says more than I can… for now. I’m not feeling clever or even thoughtful in a dull way today.

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