Radio Quarantine -Sandro Brugnolini & Modern Jazz Gang ‎– Gli Arcangeli (Colonna Sonora Originale) 1962

Back in Italia 1962 for this one, and the 1960s are definitely a jazzier vibe than the 1970s. I am still 100% here for this, and maybe even moreso. there are fewer associations with the psychelic orchestral cheese. This one was put together by Maestro SANDRO BRUGNOLINI and also features the legendary Helen Merrill whose style appeals to me now more than it ever might have in the past. What can I say? I’m more open minded and talent is talent, regardless of how cool I want to appear to friends. I’ve had the Gli Arcangeli soundtrack on most of the morning and into the afternoon.

All these soundtracks over the last few days may seem so distant from the Sovietwave and various electronic genres that have dominated the airwaves here in my quarantine but there is a connection beyond just the synthesizers some of these old Italians were playing around with. It is hauntological in the same sense as the Sovietwave and cyberpunk and industrial. There have always been several parallel future narratives running in anyone’s life. That’s to be expected when you grow up surfing media and pop culture. At the same time that children my age were dreaming of flying cars we also envisioned our own futures amongst the jetsetters and Alfa Romeo driving playboys of the big screen. I mean, we could have been fantasizing about being cowboys or knights on any given morning but at some point there were these other heroic sagas playing out in our heads by the afternoon of the same day. Monaco and Mars shared equal time in our visions of the future. It gives me a warm feeling now hearing the soundtracks from the 60s and 70s classics. This was the music of adulthood and sophistication and wealth, all of which would surely be ours, no? Nobody fantasized about growing up to be a salesman or an electrician. These jetsetting futures were promised us.

But lo… childhood fantasy being what it is…

And what it isn’t.

I’ve still got a parade of these lined up and they haven’t grown tired yet. There have been no distractions strong enough to lure me in another direction to any other narrative… to any other lost future or distant past. The cover art alone on these gems has me in a whirl. Please stand by…

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