Radio Quarantine -Piero Umiliani ‎– La Ragazza Dalla Pelle Di Luna (1972)

This film seems to have been an excuse for both new actress Zeudi Araya and the soundtrack. I’ll take both and I’m pretty sure it’s a safe bet to give the film a pass. I won’t deny it a chance if it crosses my path but probably won’t look for it, despite Ms. Araya’s obvious charms. That is her in all her glory on the cover. Wow… Wow.This one isn’t Piero Umiliani’s best but it’s definitely, definably his. I think I’m more into the poles of his career, the orchestral jazz of the earlier soundtracks, and the sleaze and cheese of his later work. This is great stuff, but it’s not the same vibe. It’s somehow more polite and politeness has never sat well with me.

You can see from the age restriction warning here that you would have to go to YouTube to view. It’s totally worth it, but that must be because of Zeudi Araya’s very visible left breast. Seems strange in 2021 that we’re still concerned with children seeing what they were designed and born to see, but… nothing I can do about the Puritans. It’s annoying but it’s part of the game. It’s part of navigating the world, this navigation of hypocritical pearl-clutchers. Ah well.

Moving into my day now… I took the day off of work and I’d be more than happy to spend the entire time snoring, but that’s not happening. Too bad. I could use it.

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