Radio Quarantine -Bruno Nicolai ‎– Tutti I Colori Del Buio (1972)

All The Colors of the Dark… Scoring horror and suspense films has got to be the most fun, and it sounds like BRUNO NICOLAI had a blast with this one. Can a horror soundtrack stand alone without the film images? I think that depends on what the composer and musicians put into it. This one can, but it’s easier for me because I tend to internalize any music I’m listening to. Anything becomes my soundtrack. That’s why so much of my time is spent finding music that corresponds to my current state of mind and being. Do people still do that? It seems it stopped some in the age of music videos but now that music videos often take a back seat, perhaps people are internalizing it similarly to how many did before MTV ruled music releases.

This one is heavy without being oppressive. There are quieter but still tense moments, much like all our most dire moods, when we have an eye of calm in the center of an anxiety storm. There are moments of tense anticipation, the feeling that something could blow up at any moment. Something unpleasant or even horrible could be around the next corner. Nicolai obviously put a lot of thought into this. He obviously watched the film as he was writing the score. That in and of itself seems like it would be obvious but there are a ton of films where the music simply doesn’t match.

What is my current state that this appeals to me so today, among all the other soundtracks I’ve been immersed in over the last week or so? It’s difficult to put to words. Like many suspenseful moments in movies, there are moments of not quite panic, and a feeling that the next boot is about to drop. I’ll sort out what it is and confront it… or decide that like so many other times, it is all a product of my imagination. We shall see.

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