Radio Quarantine -RAINING IN NAGOYA (Lofi HipHop) Extended Version (2019 YouTube Mix)

I’d listened to quite a few of these lo-fi mixes early on in the lockdown when movement was a lot more restricted. They don’t quite land the same way as they did nearly a year ago, and lo-fi in this context was brand new to me, but it still works. It’s not really background music, but it makes a nice backdrop for being shut inside working. I find myself tapping my foot as I work. The low-key groove sinks in and life feels okay. I love rainy nights anyway, and the artwork provided for this (which is actually animated when you view it on YouTube) works for me too. Maybe one day I’ll make it to Nagoya and find a place to chill and something like this will be playing. Who knows?

It’s travel that I’ve missed most of all, that feeling of big engines and the ground moving beneath me somewhere. Plane, train or automobile… it’s a good feeling to dip into and then come out of the dream state in a different place. What will be my next destination when restrictions are lifted? That remains to be seen. Wherever it is I just may not return. Life is short. After a certain point many people take fewer risks thinking they’ll extend things. That seems backwards to me. There is less to risk when time is less.

But we shall see…

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