Radio Quarantine -Dear Eloise(亲爱的艾洛伊丝) -— 美丽陌生人


Dear Eloise… Beijing, China.

Beauty In Strangers.

A new vibe for Monday morning, maybe, some shoegaze/dreampop from China. It’s a strange, kind of far-off feeling. It’s when shoegaze, which was at first a pejorative term I hear, takes on its own life. I’ve read that the term was first used as a criticism of the musicians who often seemed disengaged from live audiences… but they were probably just looking down at different effects pedals. Where does it go musically? It’s not at all disengaged, but maybe reflects quiet turmoil that might make it difficult to fully connect emotionally with one’s surroundings. I don’t know. It’s just music. I feel it. That’s all that matters.

I don’t feel at all disconnected or disengaged, absolutely not from the music and the artists, nor from my own Monday morning. There could be an issue with not being engaged to the part of my life that I should be, you know that nagging part that facilitates paying the bills. Not from the rest though. It’s all right here in my lap. It’s easy enough to shift gears though. It’s just a bit of an issue that the weekend didn’t seem to last long enough. They never do. There’s coffee though. There’s money for groceries. There’s my old dog snoring and farting simultaneously at the foot of the bed.

We’re all here.

The Word Genius World of the Day is STALWART. It means loyal, reliable, and sturdy/well-built. I remain stalwart. Everything will get done.

Everything will get done.

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