Radio Quarantine -《時間的皮毛》After Argument(楊海崧/Zaza)(2013)


Back in Beijing, it took me a little bit to place the sound and vibe but I’m getting a lot of Mission of Burma from this duo. They describe themselves as punk, and who is anyone to argue that making music like this in China and just existing is just about as punk fucking rock as you can get? Otherwise I’d be inclined to say post-punk, but there are overriding circumstances here. After Argument is punk. End of story.

It struck me recently that the two cultural phenomena in my lifetime voted most likely to fade away were punk rock and hip hop and of anything else that’s happened, they’re the two that have had the most broad and deep impact on global cultures. Argue that if you want but your argument won’t be honest or factual. The evidence is all around us. It’s in everything, and they’ve even come to overlap with each other, but then again they have a lot in common.


The giant scrapers and hydraulic jacks were at it again last night, so… Yes, I’m feeling a bit pissy and dull this morning. Not much to say. The music makes me feel good though.

And dig the photo on the album cover. It’s a street photography gem. Not sure who gets credit for this one but it’s a winner. I would have opened up this album and played it no matter what kind of music it was. If you don’t think your album cover matters… well, just look at this one. This is yet another discussion for another time, but just consider the furor when PIL released an album with a generic cover. Just the absence of art drew people in, but that’s a novelty that can only work once or twice at most.


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