Radio Quarantine -Hedgehog – Blue Daydreaming 白日梦蓝 (2009)

HEDGEHOG… kind of sparkly, jangly alternative pop from Beijing. where all evidence considered, there has been a hell of a music scene. Some of these bands, like Hedgehog, have toured outside China so it’s me that’s late to the party with all this. I guess I’ve lost any hip credibility I ever had or thought I had. There was a time where very little escaped my reach, in the Western realm anyway. There was probably no time in my personal history where much of the East was on my radar. Entirely my loss… It’s still a very big world, as small as it seems sometimes, and there is a mega-shit-ton of things I don’t know.

Nothing wrong with a straight-ahead pop-rock vibe for a Thursday morning. I can deal with this.

I’m not even going to add any navel-gazing bullshit about my personal life here. It’s just about floating along on the melodies and exploring new places and new experience.


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