Radio Quarantine – 파울로시티(Faulocity) – Imaginary Line + Fuzzy Nation (2015)

Still in Seoul and it could be a while, or it may be out on the next flight, as things go. But it’s Seoul for now and surrounding territories. FauloCity is cranking out of the box and nearly live concert levels, a wall of symphonic distortion I’ve never felt so utterly alone in my life here, but never felt so utterly okay with being utterly alone. Funny how that works. I never want to go home. I always said that if I hit a lottery big enough to work again that I’d spend the rest of my days running out a series of one-way tickets to places I’d never been. So why not right here, right now?

Where next? Who knows? Who cares? Maybe Manila.

That’s it for now. I just didn’t want to lose track of this moment.

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