Radio Quarantine -ゆPlateformeゆ : [The Peak] (2020)

This… is difficult to describe using even the common descriptors like ambient or vaporwave or synthwave or whatever. It’s really all of those. The Bandcamp page for ゆPlateformeゆ also tags it as ‘relaxation’ but there might be too much going on on this album to relax to. That’s going to be up to the individual listener. I’m not the best test subject. There is no rhyme nor reason to what relaxes me. I can fall asleep with grinding traffic outside, or lay awake all night in total silence. There is no one thing that eases me into it. What worked last night may not work tonight, etc. This is about the music though, and not my screwy biology.

This is how the artist describes himself, or how his people describe him: Vaporsleep guru,
Dream music and Calm enthusiast. Wishes of love from Nouvelle-Aquitaine ❤
Anti-traditionalist at heart.

There are any number of other strange, broken captions and self-descriptions. They definitely align with the music but none of them really say much. Then again, how many of us when asked to describe ourselves can up with anything that is accurate or even makes sense? There are dating apps and job applications and any number of opportunities to do so, even memoirs, but how true do any of them turn out to be? You will be known two ways. There is how other people choose, based on their own prejudices, to see you, and there will be what you produce and offer into the world. Then that will be judged and things will be twisted further.

How do I judge The Peak? It’s beautiful and compelling. I have no words beyond that. My facility for language being what it is, there are no metaphorical phrases and philosophical statements that I can pull from this. It’s a sound journey that you can choose to take or leave it alone. I chose to take it, with no regrets at all.

So.. quarantine is slowly lifting in New York City, and that’s good on many levels. My refuge is no longer a refuge anyway. The madness has descended and infected the fortress of solitude, so to speak. I’ve mentioned in previous days that it’s long past time that I pack up and go, but that’s going to be a longer process. I’m going to need patience in the meanwhile and waking up every day to the dread and uncertainty of what the day will bring isn’t sustainable even in the short term.

I need patience with myself and those around me.

I need acceptance in order to achieve that patience. None of this has anything to do with me. i’m just caught temporarily in the net of circumstance.

This too shall pass, as all things must pass.

This is all going to seem like rambling nonsense to anyone who reads it. It’s just catharsis though. It’s part of the process. One day maybe I’ll detail it so it all doesn’t seem so cryptic. Right now that just seems an invasion of privacy for those close to me to reveal it all, and as that’s not something that I’d want done to me…

This too shall pass.

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