Radio Quarantine – DROIDROY : 明晰夢 (2021)

This gem by DROIDROY was released (or maybe re-released on pink vinyl?) a week ago today. It wasn’t my intent to post up another album today, and certainly not another ambient/dreampunk album, but the cover caught my eye. It’s got that Bladerunner neon vibe and that always catches my attention. So putting this up is really more about my ongoing fascination with cyberpunk and futurism and the whole hi-tech/low-life thing. Japan seems almost a factory for these futurist genres, at once dreamy/spacy and somehow dark and foreboding. There is no daylight in these genres. It’s a world of night, at least as it hits my addled brain.

It’s not beach music.

The music here speaks for itself, but there is always a theme running with me. I’ve recently started watching new episodes of the Netflix animated sci-fi series LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS. I’d carried on about the first round at some point last year. It carried the common genre themes of those gray areas where humanity and technology seem at odds and that always gets me thinking. It’s intriguing that AI and other technology are so often presented as an existential threat, but it’s more intriguing to me that the uncertainty also opens the questions of what it constitutes to be human.

Anyway, that’s for a later day/time. I always associate these electronic genres with science fiction. What will the future sound like if this is how we imagine it now? What will music be? When the existential threat that kept us up at night was nuclear power we imagined it would be neo-neanderthals on a devastated planet banging on logs… and now?


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