Radio Quarantine -전자양(Electron Sheep) – Day Is Far Too Long (2001)

Everything is kind of an oddball entry there so this one by 전자양(Electron Sheep) fits well enough in to anything else you’ll find here. Folk is definitely not my favorite genre, not by a long shot, and to a degree this would fall into the order of Belle & Sebastian, or Kings of Convenience, or any of those acts that were popular around the same time this was recorded. I go with what works for the day and the mood though and right now it’s this quirky folktronica duo from Seoul. I think it’s the electronic part that puts them above the other folksy acts for me. I don’t know. It just works for today. I may hate it tomorrow. It’s nice, by the way, that the translated lyrics are available. Or not. It’s not exactly like I can sing along in Hangul. It works. The Philip K Dick reference in the name scores points also.

I’ve decided against carrying on about Love Death + Robots’ latest installments. It was good enough, but didn’t move me the same as the first season. The themes I look for are there. The animation, which ranges stylistically from Rugrats to Call of Duty (in quality also) is stunning and compelling. Some of the stories though seem incomplete. I’m all about open-ended questions, but not incomplete stories and that’s how it seemed to me. Too bad, because film shorts are so under-appreciated and have so much potential, but quite a few of these latest just didn’t seem to work. Too bad.

My writing hasn’t been up to par anyway and it’s been more about my immersion in the music, and sharing what i’ve heard. Even writing about the music seems almost like sitting in a bath and trying to describe what the bathwater feels like. How far can that be taken? I could as easily just post videos and spare anyone who reads this the tedium of trying to make sense of anything I’m saying.

I am curious though about these guys. I’d love to ask them who they grew up listening to. What their influences were, etc. There are a lot of semi-familiar sounds. It’s a deja vu experience, or a string of them that are difficult to trace. Like, oh what’s that? Is that the Grateful Dead? Donovan? And so on. The balance definitely leans well into acoustic folk but the bed of electronica is always there.

Overall, my head is in another place and any attempts to use this space as a focus tool are failing.

Oh well… it will come, this near future that has me jittery. It will come, whatever it looks like.

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