Radio Quarantine -Macroblank — 行方不明 (Jan. 2021)

It took some poking around this morning but the right mood was right around the corner and that’s the way it goes sometimes. “Right” doesn’t always make itself readily apparent and available. There are times it doesn’t come at all, but today it did, and MACROBLANK was the vehicle. It’s perfect for when the clouds and rain settle in and let you know they’ll be there for a few days. The cars are hissing by out on the parkway and there are downtempo beats flowing here inside. I’ll go out eventually, rain or shine, but there’s no rush, so for now…

行方不明 translated to English means “missing.” Whether that means lost or lamenting an absence is anyones guess who isn’t Japanese. Both evoke the same feelings, don’t they? At least until you let go. Being lost and losing are the same thing. It’s not all that complicated.



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