Radio Quarantine – Krokodil Hunter: кримінальну Господь (2016)

Okay, I found KROKODIL HUNTER on a website that listed it as a micro-genre of Vaporwave called Hardvapor. A reviewer has called this album “inustrial plunderphonics” and that sounds just filthy and hard enough to fit this album. Youtube is going to serve it up as 8 different posts but it’s worth just playing them right through from beginning to end. This is my favorite so far of the Hardvapor albums. I don’t even care what you call it. It’s just a fucking banger from start to finish.

My favorite music sounds dangerous… what can i say? I never got over that from the time I was a little kid. From grade school it was the Stones over The Beatles. The trashy, grimy edge just drew me in. That’s the difference between rock & roll and simply pop, isn’t it.

Anyway… I wanted to drop this here before moving on.

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