Radio Quarantine – BrokenTeeth – 편지​(​The Letters) (2021)

Checking back into Seoul, South Korea with BROKENTEETH… More shoegaze, experimental, indie rock etc. This is somewhat harder edged than a lot of the Asian Shoegaze I’ve listened to. Not much. Just enough. Weird that in a different mix, without the fuzz, this would be more accessible and poppy than say, REM or the like. It’s pop music, but somewhere left of center. I’m weary of describing music though. It sounds too… performative and false, for one. I share most of this because… well, of the spirit of sharing. It’s a gesture to say, I really enjoy this and it would be great if you enjoyed it also. It’s nothing more and nothing less. It’s just sharing.

There’s nothing available on them through Google. There is no readily available bio, which is disappointing to me. Sometimes I’m content to listen to the music and move on, but other times I want to know more. But… this is what there is. It’s enough, I suppose. It’s going to have to be.

It’s a relatively quiet morning, some traffic and the drone of 50,000 air conditioners. The rain passed through on the overnight, dropping the temperature a bit. Why bother talking about the weather though? I mean, if you’re writing anything in or about New York City, the weather/climate is always going to be an important component, or at the very least a subplot. Nobody talks more about the weather than New Yorkers and I’m probably no exception. Whatever the weather seems to be on any given day, it always seems like it’s too much of it. Too hot. Too cold. Too wet. Too dry. Too gray. Too blue. Too nice even! It’s weird how obsessed with the weather we are. Maybe it’s because any natural phenomena seem out of place in the cement and asphalt.

That grass is too green!

Silly fuckers we are.

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