Radio Quarantine – 고래야(Coreyah) – 박수무곡(Clap&Applause) (2020)

Interesting vibe this morning from 고래야(Coreyah). It isn’t exactly what I was looking for but I rarely know what i’m looking for until I find it. So, experimental, psychedelic folk from Korea? Why not? It’s quite a divergence from anything I’ve heard from Seoul, but… the city seems big and diverse enough to turn out anything, isn’t it? It’s sort of a hippie, free-spirit kind of thing. We’ll take it.

Sliding slow and easy into a holiday weekend. What does that really mean but an extra day off work. There’s plenty to do, errand-y things. Moving forward things etc. Going back into the office a few days a week is okay. It’s still strange. Business is slow and the days are long, but the change in routine seems to have slowed time for now. Days had been disappearing and time slipping by in an unsettling way. The change was overdue. We’ll see how long the novelty lasts.

The deeper this album goes in, song by song, the more interesting it becomes. The first tracks are slow and steady and folksy. It picks up in the second track and starts moving. Yes… this is what was needed. Funny how that works. You just have to be patient and the right sound will come along.

Okay… time to move.

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