Radio Quarantine – Kinoko Teikoku – フェイクワールドワンダーランド (Fake World Wonderland) (2014)

Can’t stop won’t stop? I don’t know. I really can’t get enough of this whole vibe with KINOKO TEIKOKU. It’s hard to explain, even if explanations aren’t necessary. They might be what could have happened if AC Newman/New Pornographers had a side project in Japanese. Power-pop? Whatever. It’s just perfect for this mid-summer slide.

I can’t imagine loving any of their albums more than Eureka, but there’s always the thrill of first touch. Of discovery. Eureka was like a light coming on. This is like walking back into the room and feeling the sweet relief that the light is still on. You can’t go wrong on with that feeling. You just can’t go wrong.

Coming off a long Fourth of July weekend that felt like a long Fourth of July weekend and I don’t mean that I drank beer, burned meat and blew shit up. There was a celebratory feeling all over the city and that probably has more to do with the end of lockdown still than it does with feting the birth of the nation and all. It was a really light, breezy vibe all over. People inhaled and exhaled fully. People smiled. I had my own adventure of exploration and discovery. Time slowed. It was cool and steady and easy, as they say.

And of course now it’s back into a busy work week but since when is that new? The rent still needs to be paid. The lights have to stay on. This is all not to say that I didn’t wake up with my standard neuroses and anxiety. There’s nothing new about those things either. It’s like running into your annoying neighbor in the elevator though. You cruise through the experience. Hi, how are you how was your weekend yah cool me too have a good day blah blah ugh. Same old same old.

I got this.

I got this.

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