Pandemic Radio: Ujico* – 空中都市 (2015)

This wasn’t really the vibe I was looking for this morning. It’s more where I landed whilst stumbling forward through different sounds. It’s hard to say if it works or not. There’s a sort of Nintendo chip tune vibe thought not quite of that genre. I don’t know. It is where I landed when the forward tumbling stopped. Here I am. It’s someone called UJICO.

The last few weeks have been a blur. All my lockdown routines have been upended with a return to office life and deadlines and life in general, and love too. What’s life without that? There’s nothing bad happening at all, if you can discount an emergency appendectomy and healing a superinfection, but what’s to write about that? There is little more banal than sickness. It didn’t come with any great revelations and am I supposed to write about the ebb and flow of constipation and diarrhea? No, I don’t think I’ll go further into those topics. There is still healing to be done. It will get done.

They’ve been busy weeks though, and mostly good. I’ve not yet found the new groove though so my needle is skipping.

Moving into the day.

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