Pandemic Radio: MURAMASA 【村正】 🏮 Japanese Trap & Bass Type Beats ☯ Trapanese Lofi HipHop Music Mix ~ 600K Sub Special

May 2021 YouTube Mix

You can thank me in 6 1/2 hours when this is all done. Or not. Do what you want. That’s where we are today. You do you. I’ll do me.

There was just no way to get by the graphic on this one without checking it out and there are very rarely any disappointments when someone has their graphics down. Taste in one can often predict taste in the other. That’s how it worked again this time too. I’m just going to ride this one out until noon or so, and then we’ll see what comes after that. This will do for now.

There’s so much to say about everything in the world right now, and I’ve no energy to get into it. The arguments are wearying. I’m cutting people off from all over the political spectrum. I can’t listen anymore. I don’t have it in me. There is nothing left in the reserve tank to fuel any more of this vitriol.

I’m done.

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