Pandemic Radio: §E▲ : A Casualty of Broken Glass (2020)

§E▲ ▓F D▓G§

Don’t know how to pronounce it. Don’t know if it matters in the slightest. This isn’t going to be for everyone. I don’t even know if it is for me, or for most days anyway. For just today, it works.

For today…

The funny thing is with this one is that when I started listening to it last night I was going to give it a pass. I certainly wasn’t going to post it. Then I went to bed and slept and woke up and just clicked play, and now… Moods change. Every piece of art has an optimal light and viewing distance. Music is the same way. It’s always directly relational to where you’re approaching it from. That’s why I stopped calling a lot of pop music trash. Music can move you or just turn you off but in the latter case it’s often that you’re just never going to be in that place where you approach it from an angle that you can relate or identify with. It’s just not for you.

This isn’t pop music either, by the way, and it’s absolutely not trash.

As for my own emotional weather report, I’m cloudy with a 91% chance of precipitation. The humidity makes it feel like 100. 100 something or another. I’ll sort it out but it’s not the easiest morning so far. Getting up and moving will help.

Up and moving.

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