Pandemic Radio: Operation Mindꟻuɔꓘ – A Trip Hop / Beat Mix

July 2021 YouTube Mix by Röss Åke – The Mix Curator

This Mix Curator guy seems to get it, what ever it is. He knows what feels right. It’s an easy way into a day. Not that any day, and particularly this one, is anything to dread but who wouldn’t rather be sleeping in and then doing something else? Not many people with that privilege though so best to not whine about it. There are many worse ways to start a day.

It’s time for a holiday of some sort. Get through the next six weeks or so and it will be more quiet. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass.


Arms & Sleepers – M L 14 (+Interview with a Schizophrenic, circa 1960) 00:00 Padma Purina – Crazy 02:30 Nyctophiliac – Rythm Roulette 06:53 (+words by Robert Anton Wilson) Art Aknid – Musicotherapy 10:55 Irresistible Force – Nepalese Bliss (Jimpster Remix) 15:23 Sole – Bottle of Humans (instrumental) 19:17 Hashfinger – Myths 25:23 Moth Equals – Wa Itck 28:03 Neroche – Tryptamine 30:44 EL-P – Gigapet Epiphany (+words by Robert Anton Wilson) 33:00 Ours Samplus – Beyond 37:23 L’Orange – Twenty Fifty Three 39:41 Neroche – Spriggan Sap 42:38 Void Pedal – Solace Eye 44:43 DJ Vadim – This Goes Out 47:18 J Dilla – Flowers 51:12 Art Aknid – Insomnie 54:32 Doctor Flake – Abyss 57:35 Tycho – Ascension 1:02:52 RJD2 – Weather People 1:06:38 Sixtoo – Keyed Cars 1:09:37 Dabrye – Hyped-Up Plus Tax (Outputmessage Remix) (Peter Finch / Network Speech) 1:11:58 Modeselektor – Fake Emotion (Dabrye Remix) 1:14:39 Illum Sphere – An Old Escape (Kill Them Kill) (Dabrye Remix) 1:18:44 Clipping – Summertime ft King T 1:20:22 Mr. Scruff – Ug 1:24:06 Hexstatic – Ninja Tune (The Process Remix) 1:27:29 Pogo – Wishery 1:31:45 DJ Vadim – Variations in USSR (DJ Krush Remix) 1:34:57 Ancient Astronauts – Worldwide 1:40:38 Vanilla – Fuji Pt II 1:44:01 Dead Horse Beats – Stop Playin’ 1:47:34 Lovage – Pit Stop (Take me Home) ft Mike Patton 1:49:32 Mr. Island – Esoterismo 1:52:44 Emancipator – Zula 1:55:56 Mr. Looper – Dating Path 1:59:29 Neroche – Lady in the Radioator 2:01:58 Kill Emil – When I See Your Smile ft Ettin 2:04:38 Ours Samplus – Lonely Psy 2:07:29 JIM – I Hope it will be Sweet 2:09:08 Oh no! My Only Weakness – Salamacer 2:13:35 Arms & Sleepers – M L 11 2:16:18 (+words by Robert Anton Wilson)

I’m not going to get too into it this morning. It seems a better time to just keep moving.


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