Radio Quarantine: Англия (Anglya) – Тепло от холодных рук (2021)

Or translated, Warmth From Cold Hands. No shortage of cold hands in St. Petersburg, Russia, I’m sure so it’s fitting that this is where we’d find the coldest of Coldwave. I wish Sierpien Records had posted the entire album in one piece but we’ll have to get by with the YouTube playlist. It works, with or without the commercial interruption. We can start at the beginning and go from there. It works.

The temperature will pick up today as the sun comes up. Nothing really icy. Just the late autumn chill on the menu for the first day of December. It’s a work from home day with a few errands to run and frankly, a wanderlust. That will have to be put off in the interest of being an adult. Not at all fond of this adult business but it’s mostly under control. Mostly…

Most of being an adult seems, or seems to have been, about accepting that a person doesn’t own their own time, and that most of your days will be spent tooling about some activity or another in order to make money to give to someone else. That way you get all the Maslow shit taken care of and then perhaps get a few toys to distract yourself from mental exhaustion in your downtime. It all sounds rather bleak when posed that way and it’s not really all that bad. It just is what it is. It can all be a lot of laughs, and there’s love thrown in there if you’re willing to take a few emotional risks and put yourself out there. Sure, some days hurt like hell. There’s no shortage of heartache and no way to stop that, but mostly it’s all about accepting tedium so you have a little bit of time for the good stuff. Everything comes with a price tag. The price tag is usually boredom.

Ugh. Wny does my mind go here in the morning? I need to work on some shit.

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