Radio Quarantine: Telenights – 剣闘士 (May 7, 2021)

Still mucking about in this barber beats groove and it’s become increasingly obvious, or rather what the aesthetic is has become increasingly obvious, even if tomorrow I may not be able to listen to something and say, oh that is… etc. I like TELENIGHTS a lot too though, with the sort of plodding, lo-fi, hip hop beats. It’s not that I knew a few days ago that barber beats was actually a thing, but Telenights makes it easier to see why it’s a thing. It does make me curious also. Are there people out there who prefer this stuff over all the other genres and sub-genres and micro-genres? Are there barber beat aficionados who could hear a track and off the top of their heads go, oh that’s my jam! ??? There must be, right? Not that it matters but I am curious. Every little groove has a super fan. They could fare a lot worse than this.

So it’s probably not a bad idea, for several reasons, that I changed the name of this blog-subtitle back to Radio Quarantine. It keeps things consistent and the whole mood/vibe hasn’t really changed from early on in the pandemic when this started. Also, with new Covid-19 variants about, you just never really know when we’ll all be sent home again. We are still in strange times and this Omicron variant (you can look it up) with it’s higher virulence could be the worst version yet. Or not. You never know. Or if someone does know they’re not sharing the information with the rest of us.

And frankly, if this whole ordeal has taught us nothing else, it’s that we are not invulnerable. It’s entirely likely that at some point we’re going to get a plague that makes Covid-19 look silly. Not that I’m wishing for this. I’ve said before that nothing would make me happier in these cases than to be wrong, but just maybe we’ve been lucky up until now. Just saying…

I’m going to leave this here for now. There are a lot of conflicting thoughts bouncing around in my head that seem more important. They make all be easily dismissed after more attention but for now they’re occupying me more than any of this.

So for the moment…

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