Radio Quarantine: haircuts for men : 大理石のファンタジー (Jan 2016)

It’s been suggested that the whole barber beats appellation started right here, but not on this particular release, with HAIRCUTS FOR MEN. Not that this whole thing of mine here is in any way academically inclined but it could seem even more inadequate or incomplete not to bring HFM into the mix, so to speak. So for whatever reason, here ya go. It’s chill. It’s certainly well composed, or mixed or whatnot. There’s apparently a big “plunderphonics” aesthetic happening in vaporwave, but in barber beats especially, so maybe they can’t be called compositions. So mixes, or whatever. Cool out. Ease into the day. This could help.

I do want to move on though and push back into writing about other things, and with more rhyme and reason, or more focus, or just more something. I’ve gotten really lazy and it’s led to near incoherence in my morning rants. It’s just seemed pointless as anything more than a kin of half-assed mental tai chi to work into being awake. There’s more to say though and I do want to get to that. My best shit gets spent on idle conversations. That’s only half-serious but it’s true to an extent. I chit-chat my best ideas and then forget them.

So… anyway.

Enjoy Haircuts for Men in the meantime.

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