Radio Quarantine – 惘闻 – 二十八天失眠日记 (Wang Wen – Diary of 28 Sleepless Days – 2003)

This is not a bootleg. The misspelling on the cover is real. It says Dairy. We’re not going to get into shaming WANG WEN here. Not on my watch. They’ve been at if for 20 years and the music tells its own story. They’re pretty fucking amazing. It’s called post-rock all over Bandcamp and the music press whatever that means. What is it? Alternative? There’s some of that fuzzy shoegaze thing in it. There’s noise. This album, in parts, reminds me somewhat of Sonic Youth. I don’t know. It’s just kind of out there in its own space. There’s a certain melancholic thing even when it gets louder. That’s what draws me in. They are creating a new space. They are describing 28 sleepless days and the sound seems to carry into subsequent albums. This is cool. It works for me.

I was looking at the weather for the rest of the month. It doesn’t appear that it’s going to get above the low 40s for a bit. There will be swings down into the low teens. This all works for me too. the streets are quieter when it’s cold. People only go out when they need something.

Me? I always need something so quieter out there works better. If arctic weather brings the quiet, we’ll go with that. Cold is a luxury problem if you don’t have to live out in it. It’s just a minor inconvenience at most for the rest of us, so a lot of people need to shut up and stop playing around. I’ll repeat that. The cold doesn’t give you a license to gripe and bitch if you’ve got warm spots on either end of your travel.

Thank you.

And thank you for staying inside. I can use the space and the time.

Wednesday and I’m just biding my time but I’m not sure what I’m biding it for. What am I waiting for? I’m getting kind of old to be wasting days away with no purpose or action. You have to think about these things when you get over a certain age. You don’t want to catch yourself just sitting around waiting to die. That’s a real thing! No joke. Time is different over a certain age. Everything may seem more urgent when you’re young but it’s ironic that getting shit done doesn’t seem more urgent when time is more limited. Just something to think about. not that we need more things to think about, right?

Ugh. More things to think about.

Just kidding, sort of. Enjoy the music. I need to loosen up my old bones with a hot shower.


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