Radio Quarantine: Wang Wen 惘闻 – RE:RE:RE (2005)

There’s something about this band, this Wang Wen 惘闻, that they can sound so forlorn and melancholy even when they get loud. They go straight into distortion and noise and it still sound so lonesome. You know that’s going to grab me. You just know.

Working from home again today, as going into the office has not been compulsory this week. There was one other person on Monday. Tuesday was just me. Wednesday was just me, the boss and the dude who needed an escape from his kids. Just us. You couldn’t get much more socially distanced in New York City. It wasn’t bad. I got a lot done and that’s a good thing. Now it’s two days from home and into a long weekend. Next week? We shall see. It all goes back to the old adage, the one that The Crocodiles are fond of: If you want to make your god laugh, tell him your plans for tomorrow.

Maybe that’s why people have been so shitty lately, because for the first time it’s become perfectly clear that tomorrow is never a guarantee.

Me? I’m into certainty too, for the most part. Tell me where I am supposed to be at a certain time and what I’m supposed to be doing and that’s how I’ll make plans. Add a potentially fatal novelty into the mix though and I’m okay with that. No need to worry if I’m already dead. That’s an uncertainty that’s clear enough. No action need be taken. Dead is dead. There is no other outcome to sweat. End of story.

I’m just carrying on this morning. Never mind the words above. It’s about the music. I’m happy to be setting up from home this morning, drinking my own coffee and looking at my old dog. It’s got nothing to do with the virus. It’s just more comfortable here for today and it seems likely that we’re all going to get some variant of Covid-19 at some point anyway. The last two months have been rotten with it, and you can look at the inevitability two ways. On the one hand you get it over with and deal with the fear of having it which is probably easier than the fear of getting it. Of course you might die. There’s always that possibility, but see above. You die and you truly have nothing to worry about ever again. Oh well. Then on the other hand, getting it and surviving is no guarantee that you’ll never get some strain or variant at some point down the road.


Man, I’m just trying to give it all to The Universe. I’ll do my part and vaxx up and mask up and socially distance (mostly because I like to socially distance) and anything that’s asked of me. None of the requirements are any inconvenience to me really. You know what’s a drag though? Fear. Fear is a fucking drag. That’s what I’m trying to give to The Universe. That’s what I’m trying to let go of. Let go or be dragged.

Let go or be dragged.

Repeat after me: Good morning!

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