Radio Quarantine: Wang Wen 惘闻 – IV (2008)

Saturday morning and we’re back in China with Wang Wen 惘闻. Yes, it works. Yes I would have opened this on the merits of the cover art had I not already known the band. I’ve known of them, at least, for the last several days. They’ve been part of the daily soundtrack here. I’m still considering the idea of working my way through their discography to present but these ideas never last. My attention wanes or the band loses some vibe that brought me into the fold into the first place. It’s not disappointing. Artists aren’t supposed to keep doing the same things. That’s not what art is, is it? That’s assembly line work.

Not much to say this morning. The cold has settled back in but here inside… grateful for an inside away from the cold. It sounds like the bare minimum but let’s not forget that some people don’t even have that. Is this reaching? Nah, not really. Just a little perspective.

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