Radio Quarantine: 山與客聽 / Mountain, Traveler, Listener (2019)

Perhaps this is what early lockdown and Covid-19 would have sounded like had I lived in a rural, mountain setting. Maybe it would have all come across more acoustic, organic and pastoral. Or not. The mountains, and solitude itself, aren’t always peaceful and contemplative. It all depends on where your head is at really.

This is lovely, though, all the way from China. I don’t really think of solitude and seclusion when I think of China, despite that a fair amount of their art and music reflects seclusion. It shows you how little I know of the world. More than some. A lot more than some, but still not very much at all.

The cold is settling in here again. Winter is feeling proper and one might think that would quiet the world and my nerves but it’s done neither. I am restless.

I am restless.

That’s going to have to be the sum of it this morning.

That will be all.

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