World War III Radio: Маяк – Река (2013)

And here we have Маяк, a band or a person maybe, but the cornerstone of any Sovietwave mix or anthology. It rare to play any of these hauntology mixes and not hear at least one song from this album. It’s like they create the foundation of credibility for the rest of the collection.

Someone asked me recently what it is that I find compelling about the Soviet and post-Soviet aesthetic. They suggested that it’s a fascination with the forbidden carried over my childhood, kind of a quiet rebellion to its antithesis the way it played out here in the United States. It’s a fascination certainly but the rest couldn’t be further from the truth. What it is, is a fascination with their vision for the future of man, and not the way it actually played out. It was their single-minded Utopian vision, and that’s what they told us when we were kids made it impossible. The more open-minded told us that the vision itself ran counter to the true nature of man, and that’s why it could never work. Seems to me that is a particularly bleak view of who we are as a species, and it may or may not be true, but it’s almost a condemnation. Because what are the alternatives? That our true nature combined with capitalism means we’ll always be clawing at each other to have more than we need while others have none? And then we’ll blame them for not working hard enough? Is that our true nature? Just plain shittiness?

Seems if we can’t have Utopia at its 100%, we could maybe have part of it. But fuck me anyway. What do I know?

And as it turns out I can’t embed the Youtube video. It’s been disabled. You can, if you like, click on the artist’s name above and check them out on their Bandcamp page. It depends on how committed you are to hearing melancholic synthpop. It works for me. Perhaps it will work for you as well. It would be nice to share that.

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