This is one of those super-grimy mixes that sounds more like an action film soundtrack than a dance mix, but why not? It’s leather. It’s vinyl. It’s sweat. It’s lube. Props to the person that put this video together. They captured something edgy. Just a little dangerous. The world is so unstrung these days that this is no easy feat. Hats off. You can actually smell this one. It’s not beautiful but it’s intoxicating. It’s sex.

You can decide for yourself why or how someone would find all this alluring or appealing. You are free to come to any decisions about me for finding it so. The real perversion has nothing to do with sex. If you want twisted, read the fucking news. People cheer for war and the morality of murder depends on whose side you’re cheering for, and then they argue about who should pee where based on their very limited understanding of biology. And fuck who they hurt in the process. Western culture is a clusterfuck of dehumanization ideals and tactics.

Jesus Christ, I’m in a mood today. Don’t judge the music. I bookmarked this mix a couple days ago when I was feeling pretty cheery. Cheery for me anyway.

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