World War III: R∞ – NEOZEN (2021)


R to the Infinity. What’s infinity? What’s infinite. They say The Universe goes on forever and that may or may not be true. It doesn’t matter because who is going to see more than just little corner? Time itself independently of mankind who invented the idea of time might be infinite. Mankind is not infinite.

I am not infinite, and that’s okay, I suppose.

Time does seem short though. Or maybe I’m just over-committed and it’s not time at all that’s short. I could just be short of time. A man can’t be everywhere at once. He can be here, or he can be there. Or he can be nowhere at all. His time could be up.

I feel short of time today. I just want to lie down and go back to sleep but there isn’t really a point. The rest of the world is already getting up and moving about and making noise. Sleep would be finite. There really isn’t much time left to sleep anyway. It would just leave me tired.

Maybe I’m just tired.


No time.

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