World War III Radio: Всё стало хорошо? | Russian Doomer Music | Soviet Post-Punk | Russian Post-Punk (May 2022)

It’s usually about the music but finding an apt soundtrack for today was difficult. Hard to gauge the mood still. Maybe it’s too early. This mix from late last month was more about the first image, now above, that fairly well describes my state. Should someone ask, as of this point in the day, the answer would be, “Not dead, still alive.” What can I say? I haven’t had enough coffee yet, maybe. And post-Soviet, post-punk rarely fails me anyway. Enjoy.

I’ve been having problems finding photos and images that ring my bell, like the one below resonates with me. Maybe it’s time to take my own and see how that goes.

Maybe it’s the lack of variation in the light. I’m usually out in the middle of the day and there’s nothing particularly interesting about the way light hits at midday. There isn’t enough contrast or shadow. Time to switch up the schedule maybe.


I’m also having problems finding anything to say. Maybe I’ve talked myself out and there’s nothing left in my head to say. I’m boring myself even. Or maybe I don’t read enough and engage with thought and thinkers.


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