World War III Radio: liminal space / dreamcore playlist to listen to while you wait for your plane (Youtube Sep 24, 2022)

The accompanying photo itself resonates even where the song selections miss entirely. It feels I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time in trains stations and bus stations and airports, in waiting areas by gates, at odd hours where few others were traveling. That may not be true. It may not have been all that much time, but in each instance the experience sticks with me. There’s the feeling of anxiety. Did I leave the coffee on at home? Do I want to go home anyway? And what awaits me on the other end? Who awaits me? And so on… in those in-between hours in those in-between spaces and in-between places. The feeling always lasts. I think in some ways I enjoy it more than the destination. With all its inherent feelings, each of these times I find myself more at rest than anywhere or any time else. So strange, but true. There are no other times in my life when I feel more freed from the burden of self. I am everybody. I am nobody. I am nobody that this person or that person knows. I can say anything or be anyone and never be wrong. Some people find these liminal spaces disturbing. The random images maybe I can understand that, but being in one is liberating. Maybe that’s why people expatriate, not to escape themselves because that’s impossible, but to escape all the familiar expectations put upon them by the familiar surroundings and people. I’m not sure but that sure feels right.

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