World War III Radio: Русский пост-панк & Нью-вейв & Инди-рок/ Russian Post-punk / Russian Doomer Music Vol. 9

No, man. The war isn’t over. It’s only just begun, really. It’s just been a while since I’ve offered an update. Things have been busy and the New Year took on new tasks and routines. It also came with heavy casualties on a personal level. We can forego the list of celebrity deaths. They don’t impact my life and it just comes across as namedropping. No, these hit closer to home, the loss of a friend’s parents in a car accident, an accidental overdose of a friend, and the loss of my old dog, to name a few. It’s been a hard few weeks, but a sound reminder that our time here is limited and life is fragile under the best of circumstances. These have also not been the best of circumstances, so it seemed better to get out and do a few things, rather than to navel-gaze on pontificate on the state of the world. The world will save or destroy itself without my input. And it will have yet another soundtrack. This mix is deadly perfect.

I’m not going to linger this morning There are things to do.


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