World War III Radio: Что вызывает у тебя грусть? (Вичуха #82)

These sort of neo-Sovietwave/Cold Wave mixes are killing me. Beyond the music, the photos are the best! Absolute insanity! I should be sending money to this guy making them. He has kept me going these last few weeks, and that’s no small accomplishment. I don’t know if the photos are his/hers but they are giving me life.

And of course the music:

No real changes this morning though. The war has me down. Tired and in need of some kind of change and questioning exactly where the focus of change should be.



God only knows… both? A change of scenery would certainly be nice. I’m generally disgruntled though, right down to the situation that days are getting longer just when I’m starting to feel good about the darkness. If that ain’t just petty shit then I don’t know what is. Old man shouts and clouds and all that. I might as well stand on the beach and try to will the tide not to come in and go out.

Still, a change of scenery would be cool.

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