World War III Radio: Вичуха, для того чтобы жить (#70)

It only just occurred to me this morning to seek translations for the titles of these mixes I’ve been pirating from Youtube. The one common word is Vichuha, which seems to be a person’s name or title, but this mix is otherwise titled “In order to live.” Another was “I haven’t slept again, for several nights.” That explains the moodiness of the mixes. It accounts for a certain dark, far off anxious, distracted vibe. Who can’t relate to insomnia, or just staying up and staying under-rested? Maybe that’s why they resonate with me the way they do; well, that and the photos.

I awoke to more rain this morning and a forecast for another full day of bad weather. Rock me out in the cold rain and snow, as the song goes. The weather seemed well aligned with the news yesterday of a fair number of small and mid-sized banks shitting the bed, and bank stocks tanking on the exchange. What’s more scary than banks failing, with the exception of bombs dropping? The advantage of being broke, I suppose, is that there’s less to lose. It also puts me and a lot of other people that much closer to the curb, but we’ll have to worry about that as it happens, right? It’s bigger than we are.

Early on in the war.

Late in late-capitalism but nobody is giving up the ghost there either. These are frightening times. For real. I’m not especially shrill, but there’s no reason not to be uneasy. Not anymore. People said the pandemic couldn’t happen, or at least carried on like A pandemic couldn’t happen. Nobody should be pretending that a big economic crash is beyond the realm of expectations. Time shall tell…

Going to keep my head low today and just try to sell shit.

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