World War III Radio: Вичуха №12 (Russian Witch House №12)

A cold, cold morning here at the north end of the parkway… Not a lot to say, except that a creeping realization came upon me this morning that I’ve sort of misunderstood my role in something big. That deserves more of an explanation than I’m going to attend to today but suffice to say that it’s important. It could potentially change an awful lot. The funnier part is the nature of the misunderstanding. It may have been intentional, at least in part. I may have just been seeing something in a way that suited by standing bias.

Or not.

It’s contributing to my feeling untethered. That’s a word that’s going to be on repeat until I find something to tie off too for a bit. I’m drifting a bit now and keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t get too gusty.

This war has me tired and emotionally disheveled.

I want to go back to sleep but bills have to be paid.

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