World War III Radio: Итог по вичтхаусу. Лучшие что были за все выпуски. Похороны Витчхауса (Вичуха #100)

One more? Why not. The mood hasn’t really switched up so why change the soundtrack? There’s something plain decadent about it at this point. It is, ostensibly, club music. It’s driving around looking for the next party music. It’s not exactly celebratory or triumphant. It’s… to maybe make it feel like all the other shit is happening. Not succeeding in that but making an effort to dismiss the other shit.

And why not? It’s bigger than all of us anyway. Forces beyond our control are running the show. Why not dance until the tanks roll up on us? Whose side will they be from? Does it matter?

Men with guns. Big guns and little guns. Just men with guns.

Lordy, I really am the older Wojak, a meme come to life. I’m a Baby Doomer. Prove me wrong though.

Prove me wrong!

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