World War III Radio: Ты снова один (Вичуха #93)

Title translation: You’re alone again.

Is that a prophecy of some kind? Well, a very direct kind if it is, and it could be. One never knows. But it’s a strange, old world. It’s always ever just been me and my old friend, The Blues. It’s a strange, old world, indeed. I don’t know what to make of it most days. All I know is that I’ll be okay until I’m not and at that point, nothing will really matter. Ashes to ashed and all that.

I don’t really fight anymore. I just watch it coming down around me. There are daily routines that keep me moving forward. I don’t fight though. It all seem so much bigger than me, so what’s the point of being part of the mess? I just want to get through to the other side with a clean slate. I just want to break even.

I just want to be clean and clear.

And today I just want there to be music.

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