World War III Radio: Тоска становится сильнее, и мне уже не хочется жить

Translation: The longing grows stronger and I no longer want to live.

Well, I’ve never quite reached the stage of suicidal ideation, but there were times I wouldn’t have been mad if someone came along who was willing to do the work. Hell, life isn’t always easy and sometimes it’s easier to lose the narrative. It can all seem kind of pointless. The other side of that same shiny coin is that if there’s no real point then you can never really be doing it wrong. You’re not really missing anything, so from that angle it’s actually a pretty liberating view. Rember that if you ever feel as if you’ve lost the plot. It’s a gift from me. A life hack from your old pal, MacGregor.

War is hell, kid. There are going to be shit days, and often a bunch of shit days in a row. You’ll be okay sometimes if you take no action and all. Don’t fight it and it’s going to pass. Trust me. Yes, some things require direct action. Nothing changes if nothing changes, and all that. But sometimes you’re already doing it all right. It’s just a shit day. Let go or be dragged, as The Crocodile says. Let go or be dragged. Best advice you’re going to get all day. Hang onto that.

So it’s another rainy Saturday with nowhere really to go. The trains are going to be crowded and dank. Is there anything that absolutely has to be done today?

I don’t know. I’ll sort that out as it goes.


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