World War III Radio: Русский Витч Хаус № 9 Чисто Покайфовать (Russian Witch House № 9)

This image feels too familiar. Past, present or future. Can’t be sure, but it feels like… Shit. What’s the word? Deja vu? It’s dug in like a vivid memory, but the details are all… unfamiliar. I’m not making sense. It’s an unsettling image. It feels like someone crept into my home and snapped a photo, but it isn’t my home, and it’s not me in the photo.

You get the picture? This war has me questioning reality.

It’s a safe bet that more people should be questioning reality, but maybe it wouldn’t feel so bad to check back into The Matrix and just glide through. How bad could that be? Freedom isn’t free, after all. There is always a price and the down payment is a long string of sleepless nights. It only goes downhill from there.

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