World War III Radio: Плейлист чтоб ностальгировать (Apr 10, 2023)

Плейлист чтоб ностальгировать translates to Playlist for Nostalgia, and that’s pretty much what it is, or the vibe at least… the mood. The language is entirely foreign…. Russian perhaps. Maybe it’s what we would all be speaking had the much ballyhooed war ever happened way back when. I don’t know who we’re fighting now. Everyone? It’s not the same old conventional warfare. Times have changed. The stupidity is the same old thing. We never outgrew that. We actually seemed to have gotten nostalgic for it and exhumed it from darker regions in our history. Idiocy and violence and idiotic violence never really go out of fashion. They just get stored away for a while, like bold plaids and bellbottoms. Then we dig them back out and parade them around for a bit. That’s where we are now. Bold plaids and zenophobia.

The music works though. There has to be something to get you through the day. It can’t all be toil and bloodshed, right?

I’m weary of the war. I’m tired from stupidity. I want to go away.

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