World War III Radio: Русская Вичуха №11 (Russian Witch House №11)

This mix has one of those Ground Control to Major Thom feels do it, or maybe they all do and you’ve just caught me in a case of the feels. Who knows? Does it matter? It’s a vibe, for sure. Not exactly sad. Not exactly happy. There’s a nervous energy. Itchy feet. Time to roam. One of those vibes. Can’t just sit around looking out the window waiting for the world to explode. Right? That will happen in its own time and everything that is everything that matters has been in motion forever. There is too much momentum to even slow it, let alone stop it. Ignore it. Not that it’s going to go away, but there’s nothing you can do. Make the most of time.

I’ve been standing in the same spot in the window for several months now, taking photos of the sun in various stages of setting. Some evenings are peaceful, and others the sky offers up spectacular fireworks displays. They’re so dramatic some nights. No two are ever the same. The only thing that remains the same is where my feet are planted, and that’s given me a sick feeling. The time to leave is long overdue. It’s just a question of when and where. When and where… When? Where? Have to start getting smart about this, and gather necessities.

Time to go.

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